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Thanks for taking a few moments to catch up with us. Lots going on with Martha's return to Honduras after her surgery. God is getting stuff done, for His glory!

Jeronimo, what a cool boy with a great attitude. Full of energy yet extremely well behaved. For years has loved attending our classes in his hometown over the mountains. He has a hearing disorder where his ears function but his brain does not interpret the signals, so he needs sign language to communicate. Just before our recent visitors arrived, his dad came to class to explain Jeronimo is struggling academically in their public school. Bullying of the weak is epidemic here and he catches it. Gene & Connie offered to pay for his transportation and tuition to attend Escuela Especial even though it is over the mountain range from us. Thanks to the collaboration of many, Jeronimo now enjoys school with his new friends and caring teachers! While we sponsor 20 kids with donations to GWM, many more students need sponsorship - if you are interested, please contact us for details.

This month Martha and I enjoyed a visit from our pastor, Jon Sherman, and a couple of friends, Gene & Connie Pettey. They experienced a week our lives: our classes and Deaf church, the roads, different foods, etc. And most importantly, they shared hearts & lives with the folks we serve. The encouragement flowed all around as the Deaf, their hearing families, our volunteers and the visitors each expanded their vision of how God works in and through others. All praise & thanks to God for the wonderful week.

Progress continues toward our goal of upgrading our 4x4, thanks to God and his generous people. Since we constantly drive to numerous towns each week while picking up students along the way on rough roads, a reliable 4x4 with space for many passengers is critical. The Ford Escape we've had for 6 years has worn out to the point of needing repairs constantly, which interferes with having classes and compromises Martha's safety. This is not a nice place for a woman to break down alone! A better suspension would help Martha's pain level with her scoliosis and degenerating neck vertebrate. Now is the right time to make a change. If God puts on your heart to store up treasure in heaven by investing in this 4x4, please send a designated check or click on this link to DONATE. Thanks for your consideration!

Thanks for your prayers and support! It takes the whole family of God working together for God's glory to maximize opportunities. If you'd like to participate financially, maybe designating a special gift for the car, just click on this button DONATE or mail a check to the address below. Thanks again and may God continue to bless you!

Mike & Martha Rudd

Good Word Ministry
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